The Great Spirit

by Zitkála-Šá When the spirit swells my breast I love to roam leisurely among the green hills; or sometimes, sitting on the brink of the murmuring Missouri, I marvel at the great blue overhead. With half-closed eyes I watch the huge cloud shadows in their noiseless play upon the high bluffs opposite me, while into… Continue reading The Great Spirit

Iris of Life

Like tiny drops of crystal rain, / In every life the moments fall, / To wear away with silent beat, / The shell of selfishness o’er all. (Poetry by Zitkála-Šá)


"There is a place where voices / Of great guns do not come, / Where rifle, mine, and mortar / For evermore are dumb: . . ." (Poetry by Geoffrey Bache Smith)

James Bond: The Spy Who Nearly Came in from the Cold

by Jonathan English [As the new Bond film No Time to Die showcases a character who has deepened, growing more mature, emotionally honest, and even sacrificial, the following groundbreaking article looks back nearly 60 years to explore overlooked depths in the 1962 Ian Fleming short story "The Living Daylights." Further, as illuminated here, the dark… Continue reading James Bond: The Spy Who Nearly Came in from the Cold