Encomia: n., pl., glowing and warmly enthusiastic praise.

Encomia is a journal of literature, arts and culture focused on recovering and illuminating the awe-inducing beauty that surrounds us. Impressionistic, not necessarily complete, the journal seeks to catch the light in a subject, appreciating people, places, arts, and culture. Encomia publishes poetry, prose, and photography to that end.

In a busy, weary world, Encomia may serve as a place of rest, inspiration, sanctuary.

“Art is one of those places where human beings satisfy their souls, resting their spirit in the hallowed halls of beauty.” –David C. Driskell

Non-endorsement: While the journal pursues cultural exploration, illumination, and appreciation, publishing a vivid variety of work in the process, this does not imply endorsement of every aspect of every work. Authors’ views are their own.

Note on Copyright: Copyright of each work belongs to the respective author, artist, or photographer, as credited. Artist or photographer credit for an article’s feature image typically appears at the end of the article. In some cases, where credit is not listed, the image is used through a free license (via Pexels, for example) which does not require attribution.