1 Star Reviews

by Christine (Liu) Young

Where to go and what to do
When the beach is too sandy and water too wet
The sky too blue and the sun too bright
Let’s go fly a kite 
But the weather’s too windy and the clouds are too puffy
Theme parks are fun
However the roller coaster is too fast and the attractions are too festive
Was feeling spiritual
Went to church and got spooked out because there too many crucifixes
Went to a Buddhist temple and got impatient with long meditations 
Tried physical activities
Decided to go skiing, but got scared of the steepness of the inclined slope
Decided to rock climb, but I developed a fear of heights
Checked out the zoo, but it was too noisy and smelly, the cages smelled like poo
Went to the pool, but the water was too blue and the children too fat
Guess I’ll go home

What to eat if 
The fries are too greasy and taste too starchy
The ice cream is too cold 
Bagels too round 
Croissants too flaky
Cocoa too chocolaty 
Jalapenos so spicy that the seeds burn my mouth
Papaya salad so fishy that it makes me gag
Biscuits too bready
Wine too fruity
Pizza too cheesy
Guess I’ll starve

Christine (Liu) Young is a Geophysicist. She enjoys the great outdoors, photography, creative writing, and many other pursuits.  She currently resides outside Baltimore, MD with her husband.

The featured photograph is by Marcus Winkler, available through a free license via pexels.com.