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Where to go and what to do / When the beach is too sandy and water too wet / The sky too blue and the sun too bright . . . (Poetry by Christine (Liu) Young)

The Tourist

"There once was a man from Nantucket. / He had enough and said, "I've had enough. / No limericks today, . . ." (Poetry by Jeremy O'Roark)

Awakening Love: Christian’s Descent into the Underworld in Moulin Rouge!

by Jonathan English Twenty years ago now, Baz Luhrmann’s brilliant cinematic marvel, Moulin Rouge!, blazed across the silver screen. It would go on to receive eight Oscar nominations. Still, many critics seem to overlook its depths, bedazzled and almost blinded to deeper meaning by the film’s surface splendor, fast-paced brilliance, and abundant musical allusion.[1] For… Continue reading Awakening Love: Christian’s Descent into the Underworld in Moulin Rouge!


"The silence of the brooding night, / Enfolds me with its eerie light; / I lie upon its shadowed breast / A pilgrim, wearying for rest . . ." (Poetry by Georgia Douglas Johnson)


Fenton Johnson was born in Chicago and lived most of his life there, though he can be considered a poet of both the Harlem Renaissance and the lesser known Chicago Renaissance. He attended college at Northwestern University and the University of Chicago and later studied in New York at Columbia's School of Journalism before returning… Continue reading Tired