An Odyssey: Toward Beauty, Virtue and Redemption

Said to be an admirable children's story but not more, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader contains depths calling for reflection. Yet some have missed these depths. Indeed, one weakness of the film is its compressed, edited storytelling, leaving little time for reflection or anticipation. Largely episodic in nature, the movie should point to the arc . . . (A flash review by Jonathan English)

Apothegm, Philosophy, Wisdom Lit

Apothegm, adage, aphorism, maxim, proverb, saying—it's remarkable how many English words exist to convey the idea of a shared shard of wisdom faithfully handed down to succeeding generations. In America, now, such sayings may not be in vogue, in our modern age of enlightenment. By forgetting the past, some might say, we are free to wander into the future untethered. But even the Renaissance and Enlightenment sparked . . .